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Who is Nadine?

Nadine had a major influence in Dane's life - she was an both inspiration for him and the person who taught him that good food can inspire great relationships by bringing people together. Nadine was also Dane's Mother. A few years after she passed on, Dane found himself registering a name for his business. He named it Nadine & Dane's both to honor her legacy and to carry forward some of her Epicurean traditions. Below we've listed some of the family shenanigans and some of Nadine's accomplishments to give you a flavor of the family values.


Nadine's Accomplishments:

Docent for the Akron Art Museum (several pieces of art were dedicated to her)

Volunteer for the American Cancer Society (stop-smoking trainer) and the League of Women Voters

Board Member of the Akron Universalist-Unitarian Church (they named the children's nursery after her!)

Participated in the annual Akron Children's Puppet Show at the Weathervane Theater

Mother of four and retired Kindergarten & Special Education Teacher

Family Shenanigans:

Nadine drove a Delta 88 convertible - and used to make Dane ride in the back seat - after a shift of peeling potatoes for McDonalds

Nadine & Dane used to put on Scavenger Hunts (including dinner, of course!) for the college kids of Silver Lake, Ohio

Nadine also encouraged Dane to reach for the stars. As a Boy Scout, Nadine made sure Dane was entered in the Klondike Derby. This annual weekend event took place in Camp Manitoc in Akron, Ohio. The Scouts had to start fires from flint & steel then demonstrate their cooking skills all outside in sub-zero temperatures. Dane survived this ordeal and went on to become an Eagle Scout (below) at the tender age of 15.


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