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How Does This Service Work?

Initial Assessment:

Chef Dane will meet with you and your family and perform a Client Assessment. This will capture your personal taste preferences, any special dietary considerations, and most importantly your desires about the meals he will prepare for you. At this time you will also discuss the desired frequency of service. Many clients prefer a weekly service of typically 3 to 5 meals as this results in the freshest and most delicious dining. Less frequent service is also available, although this usually will necessitate that you freeze some of your meals. The initial assessment will allow Chef Dane to prepare initial menu suggestions that will meet you and your families needs.

Weekly Preparation:

Prior to each cooking date, Chef Dane will review your preferences and prepare a customized menu, allowing you to make your selections for your next set of meals. This process allows you to adjust your service according to your activities for the week and also to accommodate special situations, e.g., dinner guests, birthdays, etc...

Cooking Date:

On your cooking date, Chef Dane will shop for the groceries needed for your meals. He will arrive at your doorstep with all the culinary equipment to prepare your meals and will proceed to generate delicious smells wafting from your kitchen. He will package your meals either in your own serving dishes or in special fridge to oven packages. Your menu for the week along with a set of heating instructions will be left in your spotlessly clean kitchen.


Chef Dane thrives on feedback from his clients. So, he requests that you jot down your feelings about the dishes he has prepared as you consume them. He likes to collect this information weekly and uses it to adjust your personal profile to ensure that his cooking is always current to your needs. Your weekly menu is a handy place to jot down these notes each week.


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