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Client Feedback


Chef Dane has delighted many clients over his last five years in the Personal Chef Industry. Here's what a few clients have to say about his services:


"What Dane has done is allow us to eat well. It's better food and we have more choices. He sends me a list of choices every two weeks of 13 different selections. I say 'Here are my six picks,' They are incredible meals." ... Simone

"We haven't been to a restaurant since Dane became our Personal Chef almost two years ago. Why go when the best food is at home?" .... Orli

"I know I need to tell you how perfect Christmas Dinner was - rave reviews. Even my 12 year old said 'Mom, that was the best dinner I've ever had!' Thank You!" ... Linda

"I hired a Personal Chef as a Christmas present to my husband. We both work so time for cooking is extremely limited." ... Lorene

"Another phenomenal dinner. I really loved the swordfish, and the sauces were so delicious with it! This was a perfect dinner with the veggie salad and fruit salad too. Thank you." ... Amy

"I lost 24 lbs since my baby was born - because of Dane's cooking." ... Cathy



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